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Welcome to Genealogy Journeys, my family history blog

My name is Julia and I was born in Taplow, just outside Maidenhead, in Berkshire, England. I moved to Reading, Berkshire when I was married and had three children, who are now grown up, and have four grandchildren. Now divorced and with my partner of over 10 years we decided, as we were both retired, to move to the beautiful south coast of West Sussex and now live a few yards from the sea. Researching my mum’s side of the family it seemed most of them hailed from Maidenhead, however, as I progress further back, I find that they have come from the neighbouring counties of Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. I have been concentrating on my maternal side for over 12 years or so, although had been dabbling on and off for a few years before. My dad grew up in Barrow-in-Furness, which was back then in Lancashire, but now Cumbria but, as yet, I haven’t ventured very far with that side of my family.

My mum’s 90th birthday with me, my sons and daughter (2018) (own image)

This site was inspired by @AmyJohnsonCrow‘s #52Ancestors challenge and, while I won’t be managing the complete challenge, it got me thinking about setting up a website and writing about my great grandfather, Frank Burdett Burnham, who was the first person I researched many years ago.